Electrical Extensions 3G 2.5 mm² 5/10/20/25/30/40/50 Meters H07RN-F / IP54 Standard

Rallonges électriques 3G 2.5 mm² 5/10/20/25/30/40/50 Mètres H07RN-F / Norme IP54
Rallonges électriques 3G 2.5 mm² 5/10/20/25/30/40/50 Mètres H07RN-F / Norme IP54
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Electric car charging extension 3G 2.5mm² (H07RN-F/IP54 Standard).

  • 3G electrical extension 2.5mm
  • For charging all electric vehicles
  • Size: 5,10,20,25,30,40 or 50 meters
  • The cable section of 2.5 mm² can withstand a tension of 3680kw (up to a length of 25 meters, beyond 25 meters you must reduce the amperage)
  • Schuko plug compatible with French plugs and devices
  • Express delivery 
Length: 5 Meters
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Electrical Extensions 3G 2.5 mm² in 10/20/25/30/40/50 meters (H07RN-F/IP54 Standard)

Discover our extension cords for recharging all electric vehicles.

Its cable section will reduce the risk of cable overheating. This way, you can charge your hybrid/electric car at 16 amps (3500 watts) up to a cable length of about 25 meters without any risk of the extension overheating.

For extensions longer than 25 meters, we recommend recharging at a lower amperage.

- For an extension of 30 meters, you must limit the amperage to 13 amps.

- For a 40 meter extension, you must limit the amperage to 10 amps.

- For a 50 meter extension cord, you must limit the amperage to 8 amps.

Be careful when charging your hybrid or electric vehicle, the extension cord should never be coiled.

For added safety during your daily charging, we recommend installing a dedicated charging circuit with a reinforced outlet. Green'UP

Our extension cords are available in different lengths of 10,20,25,30,40 or 50 meters.

They work for charging your hybrid/electric vehicle:

Dacia Spring, Tesla Model 3, Y, S & X, Renault ZOE, Mégane E-tech, Peugeot e208 & e2008, Kia EV6 & Niro, Volkswagen ID3, ID4, ID5, ID7, Hyundai Kona & Ioniq 5, Ioniq 6, Nissan Leaf, BMW I3, I4, IX, Jaguar I-Pace, Volvo C40, XC 40, EX30, EX9, Audi Q4 e-tron, E-tron Gt, Porsche Taycan and many others.

Tableau de correspondance des Rallonges électriques

IPP4 Standard

The plug of our extension cords is of type Schuko of new generation which is a German plug.

There are types of outlets Schuko, an old one and a modern one. The old plug Schuko is called "Schuko only" because it is only compatible with a wall socket. Schuko. In other words, you cannot use a device equipped with this type of plug in France unless you have a suitable adapter. To address these compatibility issues, the design of the plug Schuko has evolved. The new version of this plug complies with the CEE 7/7 standard and is therefore compatible with the French system.

It is good to know the grip. Schuko because it equips many electrical equipment, not just German products. Indeed, theMost European electrical appliances are equipped with this type of "new generation" plug.

What are the characteristics of the Schuko plug ?

The particularity of the socket Schuko is the way it allows for the grounding of equipment. On a traditional French type E socket, the connection to the ground is made via a cylindrical pin that protrudes from the female base of the wall socket. On a socket Schuko (old and new generation), grounding is done using two lugs located on the inner edges of the female base. These side tabs are positioned at 0 and 180 °.

For the current flow, the plug Schuko It is similar to a type E European plug (the most common plug model in France) with two male pins. The spacing between these pins is compatible with French sockets.

The socket Schuko Originally, it was not equipped with a hole allowing passage and connection with the grounding terminal of type E sockets. That's why the old Schuko plug is not compatible with French sockets.

Today, electrical equipment generally comes with the latest generation of plug. Schuko. So, the plugs Schuko The new generation is equipped with a hole that allows connection to a French plug. It is therefore possible to use a type E plug (French model) on a type F Schuko wall socket, and vice versa.

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