Discover a range of interior accessories specially dedicated to the Tesla Model 3, you can both customize and optimize the storage of your Model 3


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    Mats for Tesla Model 3

    Explore our full range of interior mats for Tesla Model 3.
    Effectively protect your Tesla Model 3 with our interior mats, rear trunk mats (Trunk), front trunk mats (Frunk) and under-trunk mats. 3D Foam, TPE Plastic or rubber mats will be featured in our catalogue!

    At ACCShop, we understand the importance of maintaining your vehicle's beauty and integrity while offering superior comfort on every journey.

    Our mats are crafted with precision, using high-quality materials to ensure a perfect fit with the dimensions of your Tesla Model 3. Thanks to their precise fit, our mats integrate seamlessly into the interior of your Tesla, protecting every inch of the floor space from dirt, wear and spills.

    A 3D scan of the Tesla Model 3 interior was carried out to ensure maximum fit of our rubber mats.

    Explore our full range of interior rubber or velvet mats for your Model 3.

  • Storage

    Create a more convenient storage space in your Tesla Model 3 thanks to the under-armrest organizers and central console organizer. Also discover the brand JOWUA as well as ACC Shop products. Enjoy increased storage in your Tesla!

  • Audio & Hifi

    Discover our range of equipment that can improve the sound quality of your Tesla Model 3, you can find speaker kits like Tweeters, woofers and 2-way component kits.

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