LEKTRICO Single-phase charging station with smart charging option

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LEKTRICO Single-phase charging station with smart charging option

The strong points of this station: 

  • Optional smart charging
  • Load balancing based on your electricity subscription.
  • Mobile Application
  • Wifi Connection
  • Easy Configuration
  • 3 charging modes Power, Hybrid and Green
  • Use of photovoltaic production surplus
  • Possibility to connect with Google Home and Alexia
  • Waterproof and stylish case.

24 months warranty

Be aware the Lektrico station with simple charge is not equipped with the smart charging box.

Choice: Single-phase
Option: Simple charge
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LEKTRICO Single-phase charging station with smart charging option

Discover the LEKTRICO Charging Station for recharging your electric vehicle.

This terminal is equipped with a Type 2 (EV) connector for a power range of 6A to 32A, 240V single-phase, 7.4 kW.

The Wifi connection and mobile application are included.

Installation intended for indoor or outdoor use IP54, 5m cable.

Product description:240 V single-phase charging station for electric vehicles, Type 2, with amperage parameter from 6 A to 32 A, recharges all electric vehicles up to 3 times faster than a standard reinforced wall socket. Green'up. Thanks to the mobile application LEKTRI.CO, via WiFi (after installing the terminal), choose the correct amperage according to your electricity supplier contract.Charge quickly and intelligently thanks to LEKTRI.CO. Flexible power, multiple possibilities. The adjustable capacity ranges from 1.4 kW / 6 A to 7.4 kW / 32 A.Intelligent load balancing. The optional equipped version of the sensor allows for automatic balancing of the charging power based on your home's energy consumption so that the total instantaneous power remains below the maximum limit of your main connection.Possibility of power sharing during the installation of multiple charging stations on the same electrical circuit to safely recharge multiple electric vehicles simultaneously. The integrated intelligent power management, with the optional sensor, automatically balances the recharging power to ensure efficient power distribution.Smarter integration with the photovoltaic system. The sensor and the terminal Lektri.co allows you to control the use of energy generated by the photovoltaic panels of your home. You can choose from the mobile application one of the 3 available charging modes:Power - the charging station uses all available power for a quick charge.Hybrid - The charging station uses available solar energy and supplements from the grid only with the minimum necessary.Green - the terminal uses only solar energy generated by photovoltaic panels.Ready for the smart home - Lektri.co is ready for a smart home with a dedicated app for managing terminals, but also with various features: Integration with the Home Assistant platform for automation with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Installation and configuration assistant. Automatic device identification. Remote activated / deactivated charging. Adjustment of charging current and LED brightness. Dynamic charging power adjustment (using a sensor).Management and monetization of EV charging services: Equipped with the standard OCPP 1.6 communication protocol, the terminal LEKTRI.CO can be installed in public access locations (private car parks, office buildings, commercial spaces, catering, hospitality, etc.) being ready to be integrated into the LEKTRICO network, but also into any other electric car charging network. If you want more technical details, do not hesitate to contact us

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