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Discover our selection of promotional accessories for Tesla electric vehicles.

Selection of accessories for Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y. Interior mats, aesthetics (spoilers and carbon) and other accessories!

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  • Tesla Complete Wheel...

    Our Selection of Complete Wheel Packs for Tesla

    Find your wheel and tire pack for your Tesla

    Discover our summer or winter wheel packs for Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model S, and Tesla Model X on promotion.

    Our packs are designed and chosen by our Tesla experts; we have selected the best wheel brands as well as suitable tires for you. Tested by our teams to offer you the best prices with the comfort and safety expected by all Tesla owners.

    Below you will find our selection of Ronal, Platin, Mam, Zax, and even a choice of OEM Tesla wheels. We assemble our packs with a selection of top-quality tires available in stock at our premises, such as the famous Frigus EV, Hankook ION, Hankook W330, Kumho Wintercraft. You can also discover the new and already recognized Bluewin UHP specially developed for electric cars and tested internally by our teams on our Tesla Model 3, Model Y, Model X, and Model S Plaid.

    Our wheel and tire packs are assembled in-house by our team, who takes the utmost care during assembly. We provide wheels ready to be installed on your Tesla. We supply sensors, nut covers, or wheel nuts for your Tesla, depending on the selected wheel. You will find the full contents of our packs in our selection below.

    At ACC Shop, we have selected the best wheel brands suitable for your Tesla.

    Make your choice of tires among the biggest brands: Hankook ION, Michelin, Continental, Tracmax

    Buy now, at the best price, our packs are ready to be installed on your Tesla.

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    Discover our best deals on indoor rugs for your car.

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    Discover our selection of interior storage accessories for your Tesla and other electric cars.

  • Rims & Hubcaps

    Discover our selection of the best wheel offers for your Tesla electric vehicle and others

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    Discover our best offers of exterior accessories for your Tesla vehicle and EV brand, spoilers, spoilers, body kit and more...

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