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Discover our selection of accessories for your Tesla Model X at the best price!
The Tesla Model X is Tesla's first SUV, it is unique with its impressive Falcon doors, it is available in 5, 6 and 7 seater versions, in Base or Plaid versions. It is also the official vehicle of SpaceX that drives the astronauts.

For an even more exceptional driving experience, explore our selection of high-end accessories specifically designed for the Tesla Model X.

You can browse our online store to discover a range of essential products selected by our experts, offering unbeatable value for money to enhance your driving experience with your Tesla Model X.

Want to customize your Tesla Model X? Choose from a wide variety of rims, packs and body parts to customize your Tesla according to your preferences.

Not sure about your choice of accessories for Tesla Model X? Need advice on equipping your Tesla? Don't hesitate to contact us!


  • Interior

    Discover a range of interior accessories specifically dedicated to the Tesla Model X, you can both customize and optimize the storage of your Model X

  • Outside

    Discover a range of external accessories specifically dedicated to the Tesla Model X, you can both customize the aesthetics and find accessories to protect your Model X

  • Performance

    Teslas have incredible performance but if you want even more, we have selected the biggest brands like Brembo, KW, Unplugged performance who all produce parts to optimize the performance of your Tesla Model X

  • Wheels

    Discover our selection of Rims, complete wheel packs and tires specially adapted to your Tesla Model X, some of these rims are even lighter than the original rims of your Tesla Model X

  • Flagship products

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