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Discover Excellence in Suspension with Tein

We are proud to introduce you to Tein, the world-renowned suspension brand that redefines standards in terms of comfort and handling.

Why Tein?

Tein embodies excellence in the field of automotive suspensions since 1985. With expertise accumulated over the years, Tein has become the preferred choice of automotive enthusiasts and demanding drivers around the world.

Explore our selection of Tein suspensions, including a variety of models adapted to various types of vehicles and driving needs. Whether you're looking for a sport suspension, a height-adjustable suspension or a custom solution, we have what you need.

Choose excellence by opting for Tein suspensions with ACCSHOP.

Maximize your vehicle's performance and rediscover the joy of driving. Order today and experience the quality of Tein on the road.

Need an installation? Our experts install Tein suspensions for you on your Tesla!

How to choose your Tein suspension?

Several ranges of shock absorbers are available for your Tesla:

• Endura Pro shock absorbers: the ideal replacement to correct the erratic suspension of your Tesla!
Endura Pro Plus shock absorbers: all the benefits of Tein suspension with hardness adjustment for a suspension that meets your expectations.
Street Advance Z Threaded Suspension: improve comfort while lowering your Tesla
Tein Flex Z Threaded Combos: the ultimate solution to achieve driving comfort while optimizing the behavior and performance of your Tesla!

Optionally, you can also add:

• Short springs with Tein S-Tech: combine your endura pro shock absorbers with short springs to lower your Tesla
• EDFC Active Pro Kit: Transform your Tesla by installing a piloted and adaptive suspension thanks to EDFC Tein technology!

Any doubts? Questions? Want to install a Tein suspension on your Tesla? Contact us!

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