Hankook Hankook Ventus S1 EVO3 K127 tire for Tesla Model S

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The Hyper-Sport tire combining performance and emotions.

Rim size: 19"

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Tire Hankook Ventus S1 EVO3 K127 for Tesla Model S

The Hyper-Sport tire combining performance and emotions.

Interlocking grooves

The Ventus S1 evo3 is equipped with interlocking exterior grooves to provide excellent wet grip and prevent aquaplaning. This enhances its performance on wet roads without compromising dry road performance.

Tread compound

The Aqua Pine compound contains raw materials such as resin from conifers and vegetable oil, combined with advanced technologies. This enhances the hardness of the tread and provides exceptional performance and stability on wet roads.

Aramid-based hybrid reinforcement belt

The tire's resistance has been improved to meet high power and initial acceleration.

Folded belt protection strip

The belt's endurance has been reinforced.

Use of an ultra-resistant steel belt sheet

Thanks to the use of highly resistant belts capable of perfectly absorbing external shocks, the tire's durability and driving comfort have been improved.

Double-layer fiber reinforcement

Thanks to the double structure of the carcass fiber reinforcement, the tire's hardness is structurally guaranteed.

Robust bead without joint

Thanks to the improvement of the bonding strength between the wheel and the joint, the tire will remain fixed to the wheel, even during significant initial acceleration.


Front Tire Size Load Index Rim Width   Rear Tire Size Load Index Rim Width
245/45R19 102 8-9.5 Same as Front
245/40R20 99 8-9.5 Same as Front
245/40R20 99 8-9.5 265/40R20 104 9-10.5
245/35R21 96 8-9.5 Same as Front

245/35R21 96 8-9.5    265/35R21 101 9-10.5


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