copy of Hand brake pads Brembo Tesla Model S

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Hand brake pads for Tesla Model S year 2014 - 2020!

Sold in sets of 4!

Tesla Reference: 1003460-00-B

Sur commande, en stock chez le fabricant

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The parking brake pads Brembo are high-quality braking components for vehicles. They are characterized by their excellent braking performance, long lifespan, and reliability. The material they are made of is chosen to resist wear and heat generated during braking, to ensure a quick and efficient braking response every time they are used. Additionally, the parking brake pads Brembo undergo rigorous testing to ensure they comply with current safety standards.


  • Height: 54 mm

  • Wear indicator: Wear signal contact excluded

  • Braking system: Brembo

  • Thickness: 9 mm